All Nice and Tidy

All Nice and Tidy

Don Taylor

Hi I'm Don Taylor and I operate out of Belmont. 

With loads of experience, and a commitment to doing an old fashioned good job, I specialise in  Lawn Mowing, Edging, Weed Spraying, Pruning and Rubbish Removal. I am also available for a number of general handyman tasks.

Sometimes this will be a one off job, however for most clients this is about regular service, maybe different intervals in Summer and Winter. There is no doubt that staying on top of the task is the best approach to Lawns and Gardens.  Many of my clients find that by having the basics done, they are freed up to make their own time in the garden more creative, and expressive of who they are. 

If the address is in the following postcode areas, then I would love to help.

2280 - 2281 - 2282 - 2290

All Nice and Tidy
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Edging
  • Weed Spraying
  • Pruning
  • Rubbish Removal

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The easiest way to contact me is by phone:

0474 472 586

If you would like to send me an email:

Or you can simply use the contact form here. Please do not forget to tell me how to get in touch with you.

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